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Mark Leggett, Owner/Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Mark Leggett , Owner/Event Designer

Enthusiasm, expertise and a genuine love of people are evident in everything Mark does, from planning spectacular events to volunteering in his community. A native of Central Florida, Mark financed his education at the UCF College of Business in Orlando by apprenticing at every level of the catering business before co-founding Arthur’s in 1989. Since then, his passion for creating memorable parties and serving others has helped Arthur's build a loyal clientele and a well-earned reputation as the premier caterer for Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area. Mark is a true family man and outdoorsman; when he’s not planning parties, you'll likely find him fishing, playing tennis or spending time with his family at the beach. Contact Mark Leggett

Lisa Grant, Co-Founder (Retired), Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Lisa Grant , Co-Founder (Retired)

Continually reading new cookbooks and seeking out creative and culinary inspiration, Lisa keeps Arthur's menus and events fresh, vibrant, exciting and contemporary. Inspired by chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and her culinary philosophy that the best cooking comes from the freshest environmentally sustainable local ingredients, Lisa creates events that are equally as delicious as they are spectacular in flair and imagination. When she’s not bringing catered events to life, Lisa enjoys traveling, where she goes out of her way to find the best small, independently owned restaurants and diners. Lisa co-founded in Arthur's in 1989, serving as the company's original executive chef. Lisa has served Arthur's for over 25 years and is now happily retired.  

Creative Team

Charlie Putney, Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Charlie Putney , Event Designer

With over 20 years’ experience at Arthur’s Catering, Charlie is known as a can-do guy who could wear any hat in the company. From throwing on an apron and flambéing bananas foster to making a great craft cocktail, Charlie can jump into virtually any situation – and remain calm, cool and collected while doing it. A native of New England before relocating to the Orlando area, he remains a lifelong Red Sox fan. Charlie is a top-notch event planner, flawlessly handling events as meticulous as an elegant wedding or as massive as the Capital One Bowl. A loving and active father to his three daughters, Charlie brings that same attentiveness and positivity to all his work at Arthur's. Contact Charlie Putney

Patty Sturgeon, Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Patty Sturgeon , Event Designer

Both at and away from Arthur's, Patty is passionate about menus that emphasize organic, local ingredients. In her free time, she gardens, practices yoga and enjoys eating at health-conscious, locally owned restaurants. Patty is a Central Florida native and has been a member of the Arthur's team since 1994. Her commitment to fresh ingredients, combined with her ability to consistently generate fresh ideas, keeps a loyal following of delighted Orlando clients coming back for more. From an elegant dinner party to a huge gala, Patty executes everything with sparkling style, ease and attention to detail. Contact Patty Sturgeon

Lori Player, Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Lori Player , Event Designer

Always cool under pressure, Lori ensures that she knows exactly what each client wants – and how to make it a reality. Lori brings more than 20 years of experience to the Arthur’s team, including high-profile landmark events such as “Party on the Plaza,” the 150th birthday of the University of Florida, and “Gator Gala,” a celebration of the 100th anniversary of UF football. To those who know that Lori studied theater and art at NYU and USF, it’s no surprise that she’s passionate about aesthetics. When she’s not producing unforgettable events for Arthur’s, you might find her painting a landscape or antiquing at a flea market. Lori infuses her love of art and design into every event she touches. Contact Lori Player

Hayli Westhelle, Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Hayli Westhelle , Event Designer

With a great eye for color and texture, Hayli is a true artist, with a style that brides always love. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Hayli concurrently wore the hats of part-time employee and stay-at-home mother of two children for seven years before joining the Arthur's team in 2008. Perhaps that’s where she perfected her ability to perform gracefully under any circumstances. That, combined with her gift for decoration and design, makes her a favorite of brides getting married in and around Orlando. Hayli knows exactly how to communicate and coordinate with all those involved to make wedding arrangements fall seamlessly into place so the bride can feel at ease and able to immerse herself in her special day. Contact Hayli Westhelle

Katie Weller, Event Designer , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Katie Weller , Event Designer

When working with brides, Katie has a special gift for making all of their wedding dreams come true. A native of Tennessee, she studied hospitality management and business at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. While there, some of her more noteworthy achievements included cooking beside Princess Diana's head chef for a university fundraiser and starting the city's first food-and-wine festival. Katie is an indispensable event designer, managing important details for signature events. Contact Katie Weller

Brittany Dunkle, Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Brittany Dunkle , Event Designer

A beach girl at heart, Brittany is originally from Clearwater before moving to attend the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!), where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality Management. Brittany brings a wealth of event planning experience, having previously worked as a Sales & Event Coordinator for the Orange County Regional History Center in downtown Orlando coordinating weddings, festivals, non-profit events, and more. Her commitment to detail and exquisite eye for design help her to be an essential resource for our event designers. Brittany has been coordinating beautiful events for Arthur’s since 2013. Outside of the office, you can find Brittany either relaxing at the beach or cheering on her beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Contact Brittany Dunkle

Crystal Cullison, Casa Feliz Managing Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Crystal Cullison , Casa Feliz Managing Event Designer

Born in Winter Park, Florida, Crystal brings extensive food knowledge to the Arthur’s team. For 15 years, she worked as a pastry chef at Michelin star restaurants and 5-star hotels. She has also worked alongside James Beard nominated Chefs in NYC and Miami! Crystal later transitioned into events in 2014 in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle and expand her creative skills. She now executes beautiful weddings at, Casa Feliz, Winter Park's premier wedding venue. Crystal is passionate about sustainable agriculture, holistic healing, and edible gardening. Contact Crystal Cullison

Lori Messina , Event Designer, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Lori Messina , Event Designer

With a keen eye for design, a passion for details, and a gift for organization, Lori assists in making sure Arthur’s most high profile events run smoothly. Lori comes to Arthur’s with four years of Event Director experience from a top Orlando wedding and event venue. Her experience coupled with her Bachelors of Science in Event Management from UCF makes Lori an integral part of the Arthur’s team. When Lori is taking a break from being “the life of the party”, you can find her at a concert or on a much needed Netflix binge! Contact Lori Messina

Event Coordinators

Kristen Jammel, Assistant Event Designer , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Kristen Jammel , Assistant Event Designer

Hailing all the way from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Kristen is an essential part of the Arthur’s Team. A lover of fine-dining and service, she marries the best elements of catering to assist our event designers in creating truly spectacular events. Like many of Arthur’s brightest talent, Kristen graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality Management from the University of Central Florida. With over 5 years of experience with food & beverage in private clubs and time share properties, it’s no wonder that Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge to the Arthur’s team! When taking a break from being the “Life of the Party” Kristen enjoys baking, concert-going, and traveling.Contact Kristen Peterson.

Coleman Leggett, Event Coordinator Assistant, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Coleman Leggett , Event Coordinator Assistant

Born and raised in Winter Park, Florida and a graduate from Florida State University, Coleman has been a part of the Arthur’s team since 2011. Coleman is the jack of all trades working in virtually every department at Arthur’s. From memorizing warehouse inventory to managing events on-site, you can count on Coleman to know Arthur’s inside and out! Currently, Coleman brings his creative ideas and clever wit to the office he where supports Arthur’s talented Event Design team. When he is not creating unforgettable events you can find him reading or on his next hiking adventure! Contact Coleman Leggett

Culinary Team

Julie Noggle, Executive Chef, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Julie Noggle , Executive Chef

It's no mystery why the culinary creations of the Arthur's kitchen, led by Chef Julie, keep customers raving and returning year after year. As a wife and mother of three, she understands the unifying power of food – and that the most delicious meals can come from just a small number of fresh, well-chosen ingredients. A lifelong angler and boating enthusiast, Julie believes in constant exploration and evolution, a passion she has consistently applied her work as executive chef since joining Arthur's in 2000. Realizing that no two events are alike, Julie strives to create something that is fresh, unique, dynamic and new – every single time. Contact Julie Noggle

Stephen Gray, Chef de Cuisine, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Stephen Gray , Chef de Cuisine

With a love of friends, family and music, Stephen is a kid at heart and an artist in the kitchen. Born in Louisiana and well traveled ever since, he has a passion and appreciation for a wide variety of cuisines. Stephen’s education in graphic design and more than 20 years’ experience in the culinary field give him a command of both flavor and visual presentation that have been wowing clients and their guests since he first joined the Arthur's family in 2000. When he’s not creating culinary masterpieces, you may find him playing his drums. Contact Stephen Gray

Administrative/Operations Specialists

Hector Boehme, Executive Vice President , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Hector Boehme , Executive Vice President

Hector joined the Arthur’s family as a server while receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Management before working his way up through the company. With a passion for hospitality, process management, and technology; Hector focuses on continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation. When he's not keeping Arthur’s facility in order and improving day-to-day operations, Hector enjoys spending time with his family and composing/performing music. Contact Hector Boehme.


Beth Visconti, Director of Catering , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Beth Visconti , Director of Catering

A dynamic multi-tasker, Beth thrives on organizing and problem solving. With a degree in Organizational Management and nine years of experience managing multiple venues in Orlando’s historic Church Street Station, Beth skillfully recruits, trains and manages Arthur’s service staff to ensure that our superior service shines through in every detail. Born and raised in sunny Florida, Beth is a mother of three who beautifully balances family and work. She cares about the company as if it were her own. Whether our team is servicing a wedding, convention, party or business function, Beth quickly earns her reputation as the glue that holds everything together. Contact Beth Visconti

Jennifer Boehme , Service Manager, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Jennifer Boehme , Service Manager

Connoisseur of all things behind-the-scenes with the Arthur’s service staff, Jennifer was born in  Orlando, FL. She graduated from UCF’s Rosen School of Hospitality Management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management. Before joining the Arthur’s team, Jennifer was a Guest Relations Supervisor at The Ritz Carlton and Admissions Advisor for Golf Academy of America. She keeps our service staff abreast of all the standards that make an Arthur’s event perfect. When she’s not training the next generation of service captains, she is caring for her cat Lexi and dog Maggie. Jennifer loves spending time with family, traveling, and trying new cuisine! Contact Jennifer Boehme

Jeffery Flint , Warehouse Manager , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Jeffery Flint , Warehouse Manager

Jeffery is an expert oft all things behind the scenes at Arthur’s. Born and raised in Chicago, he joined the Arthur’s team shortly after moving to Orlando in 2004 to pursue his bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida.  Starting as a part-time dishwasher and eventually becoming warehouse manager, Jeffery is committed to keeping Arthur’s events flawless by working behind the scenes, making sure inventory is up to date and every detail, from china to linen, is perfect! Outside of Arthur’s he uses his signature work ethic and drive to train for obstacle races. He also enjoys traveling and rooting for all Chicago sport teams. Contact Jeffery Flint

Shantel Campbell, Digital Marketing Specialist , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Shantel Campbell , Digital Marketing Specialist

With a passion for marketing, Shantel was born and raised in the small town of Bear, Delaware. She obtained her bachelor's from the University of Delaware and later her master's from the University of Central Florida. Shantel has worked in marketing for several university departments which is where she developed a strong background in Public Relations and  Advertising. She uses her creative ideas and idealistic attitude to bring new ideas and a fresh twist to Arthur’s marketing and public relations operations. Outside of promoting Central Florida’s best caterer, Shantel enjoys Latin dancing and playing tennis. This marketing aficionad(a) is fluent in Spanish and also enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures. Contact Shantel Campbell

Dennis Krick, Bookkeeper, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Dennis Krick , Bookkeeper

Born in sunny Orlando, Dennis is Arthur’s “Numbers Man”!  Dennis attended Valencia State College as a music major and has years of experience in entertainment accounting.  Working with several companies ranging from Radio City Music Hall to Nickelodeon Studios Florida, Dennis is essential to keeping our numbers in line. In his spare time, Dennis also enjoys attending theater shows and art festivals. He is also the proud papa of the cutest nine year old Taco Terrier, Lola! Contact Dennis Krick

Carrie Fugett, Assistant Bookkeeper, Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Carrie Fugett , Assistant Bookkeeper

With a Marketing degree from Florida Southern College, Carrie brings a strong attention to detail and a love of numbers to the bookkeeping office. Raised in sunny Naples, FL, Carrie enjoys spending time at the beach. She also enjoys college football, musicals, and reading. She flawlessly ensures that all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed when it comes to managing the bookkeeping office’s valued accounts. Carrie is invaluable to Arthur’s team! Contact Carrie Fugett.

Cami Wass, Receptionist , Arthur’s Catering Orlando

Cami Wass , Receptionist

With a heart of gold, Cami keeps our event designers busy with requests for weddings, corporate events, and life celebrations. Cami, born in chilly Denver, Colorado, obtained her degree in interior design. She first worked in commercial and institutional design and later transitioned into working in both classrooms and offices of various private schools. Cami brings a wealth of administrative experience to the team, ensuring that the Arthur’s operation is always running smoothly. She also brings her calm demeanor and warm smile to each guest that calls or enters the Arthur’s establishment. Cami has a true love for travel, art, architecture and reading. She is also the very proud owner of two rescued former racing Greyhounds and one kitty. Contact Cami Wass

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